TRADER LOSES $120,000 but TD Ameritrade refuses to honor their policy of making customers whole ….

ThinkorSwim Is Getting Ruined By TDAmeritrade

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Well apparently ThinkorSwim thought it might be a bit amusing to throw traders even more of a curve ball with this already manic/volatile market by making their services inaccessible to everyone. I’ve tried the mobile, TOS and TDAmeritrade sites and absolutely nothing is working.Everybody loves somebody sometimes

Call them up, and they will give you an approximate five minute hold time, but it is more like one hour and counting.

So this is pretty much the last straw in this once great marriage between ThinkorSwim and I. I originally left TDAmeritrade for her, but in strange twist of events, TOS engaged in relations with TDAmeritrade. I tried to be patient, and hope for the best, and forgive, but sometimes you just have irreconcilable differences and you just have to move on.

Apparently she didn’t value my orders either, and make them a priority to get filled. I confronted her on this, but she insisted that it had nothing to do with TD. But I had second thoughts, figuring their might be some hankey-pankey going on in the behind my back.

And now I find myself wondering why she is locking me out of my account this morning by making her platform inaccessible.

Breakups are so hard, but I can assure you I’m not going to drop that infamous line of “it’s not you, it’s me” because quite honestly it’s all you!

But hey, we can still be friends.





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