TRADER LOSES $120,000 but TD Ameritrade refuses to honor their policy of making customers whole ….

TD Ameritrade backed out of trade

Cancelling trade two hours later
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Company information:
TD Ameritrade
United StatesI bought 80 bonds at what I thought was a very good price on the morning of 7/11/11. Within minutes, my account shows the bonds and their market price. Showing a nice profit, I put them up for sale a few hours later. About 15 minutes after putting them up for sale, my account value plummets by $70K and the bonds are gone. Not sold… gone. I call up and they tell me the original price was a mistake, and backed out of the earlier transaction. Don’t count your chickens even after they hatch with TD Ameritrade. I doubt they’d ever consider backing out of a deal if I was on the losing side.


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